WYSOKIE PROGI [Polish – high attitude], a San Diego mountain hiking club established in January 2008 by a group of local Polish-American outdoors enthusiasts. Club's goal is to make weekend group hikes into Southern and Central California mountains and deserts.
Wysokie Progi
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Next trips
Nov. 17: Bridge to Nowhere
Location: San Gabriel Mountains
Altitude: 2800 ft
Elevation gain: 1350 ft
Distance: 11.8 mi
Directions, weather
past trips 2018
Nov. 10-12: Mojave National Preserve
Number of participants: 8
Photos, weather
Oct. 20: Mount Laguna
Location: Laguna Mountains
Altitude: ~5900 ft
Elevation gain: ~1750 ft
Distance: 11.5+ mi (loop)
Hiking time: 6 hrs
Number of participants: 11
Photos, weather
Aug. 31 - Sep. 2: Mammoth Lakes
Location: Sierra Nevada
Number of participants: 6
Aug. 30: Mount Whitney
Location: Sierra Nevada
Altitude: 14494 ft
Elevation: 6400 ft gain
Distance: 24 mi
Hiking time: 17 hrs
Number of participants: 6
May 26: Palomar Mountain
Location: Palomar Mountain
Distance: 9.7 mi
Elevation gain: 2,160 ft
Hiking time: 6.0 hrs
Number of participants: 6
Jun. 9: Tahquitz Peak
Location: San Jacinto Wilderness
Altitude: 8846 ft
Distance: 9.4 mi
Elevation gain: 2,780 ft
Hiking time: 6.0 hrs
Number of participants: 12
Photos, Weather
Apr. 28: Laguna to Cuyamaca
Location: Laguna Mts., Cuyamaca Rancho State Park
Altitude: 5500 ft - 3980 ft
Elevation: 1660 ft gain / 3029 ft loss
Distance: 13.8 mi
Hiking time: 6 hrs
Number of participants: 17
Photos, weather
Apr. 21: Cuyamaca Peak
Location: Cuyamaca Rancho State Park
Altitude: 6512 ft
Elevation gain: 2211 ft
Distance: 9.6 mi
Hiking time: 5 hrs
Number of participants: 14
Photos, weather
Mar. 30 - Apr. 2: Catalina Island
Location: Parsons Landing
Number of hikes: 4
Total distance: ~40 mi
Total elevation gain: 5,800 ft
Number of participants: 4
Photos, weather
Feb. 17: Pinto Canyon
Location: Jacumba Mountains
Elevation gain: 2000 ft
Distance: 12 mi
Hiking time: 7.5 hrs.
Number of participants: 6
Photos, weather
Feb. 3: Three Sisters Waterfalls
Location: Upper San Diego River
Elevation gain: 1000 ft
Distance: 5+ mi
Number of participants: 9
Photos, weather
Jan. 27: Morena Butte
Location: Pine Creek
Altitude: 3897 ft
Elevation gain: 1500 ft
Distance: 8.5 mi
Number of Participants: 11
Photos, weather
Jan. 20: South & North Fortuna
Location: Mission Trails
Elevation gain: 1443 ft
Distance: 7.4 mi
Number of participants: 5
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